The Benefits of Yoga When Going Through a Separation

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Going through a separation or divorce is emotionally challenging and, potentially, traumatic. More so if your separation is messy and there are children involved.

If you are trying to manage a divorce, your work and your kids, you may find that you are neglecting your own health. The aggravations involved in this process can make you upset and/or irritable.

Further, the stress and toll a messy separation takes on you can have adverse effects on the body. You may feel exhausted, lose sleep and suffer from an upset appetite.

During this difficult period, it is more important than ever to take care of your mind and body. Yoga is a nurturing practice for your emotional well-being and great for your physical health. The combined mind and body approach of yoga makes it an ideal practice for improving your overall health.

Practicing yoga and other mind and body calming activities during and after the separation process can promote self-love, clarity, and balance.

Why is Yoga good for managing stress during your separation?

  • It provides a community

Going through a separation can make you feel isolated. You may feel like you have lost the constant support that you once had, and perhaps some of your friends, for instance, if many of your friends were close friends with your ex-partner. Walking into a regular yoga class will help you gain a sense of community with your fellow ‘yogis’. Experiences of personal growth and relaxation are common to those who practice yoga. Being surrounded by people with the same values as yours could help you fight off any anxiety and stress that has stemmed from your relationship breakdown.


  • It encourages self-love

Getting overwhelmed with doubt, guilt, and self-blame while going through a divorce is normal. If you are separating from a violent and abusive partner, you might even be facing aggression and manipulation. Practicing yoga and mindfulness can help to curb the effect of stress on your mind and body. Yoga teaches an approach to life and relationships based on love. By practicing mindfulness, you can help set your mind free of worries and regrets.


  • It helps you gain clarity

Going through a separation or divorce has you sitting at a crossroads in life. While this may be terrifying at first, with the right mindset, it can also be empowering. Yoga will help ease your mind and body, allowing you to think more clearly as you reflect on your past and plan for a better future. If you are struggling to come to terms with your situation at the moment, mindfulness will help you find order amidst the chaos.


Mindfulness comes from practicing yoga and meditation. In general, mindfulness helps you stay in the present moment at all times without rehashing over the past or worrying about the future.

Taking some time to centre yourself and approach your situation mindfully can greatly improve your communication and purpose, leading to a smoother separation and reduced conflict.

Finally, at the end of any yoga class, no matter which positions have been worked on, the session ends with Savasana. This pose is known to be most the restorative and regenerative, and involves lying on your back, eyes closed, and going into a state of mindfulness.

While consulting your solicitor about a family issue may be emotionally challenging, it is usually followed by a period of reflection and introspection, which, like Savasana, can be beneficial in helping you work through the challenges you face and prepare yourself for the next chapter in your life.


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Samantha Singer is the marketing manager for FGD, working in the Sydney Office.

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