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Same Sex Relationships

At FGD, we are experienced in handling all aspects of same-sex relationships. We can document financial agreements prior to entering into a de facto relationship, and can also do so during the relationship and following the breakdown of a relationship.

In 2009, the majority of the states and territories in Australia referred their powers to make orders for same-sex couples to the Commonwealth and therefore brought them under the jurisdiction of the Family Law Act.

Broadly speaking, in relation to property settlements arising from the breakdown of a relationship, there is no distinction under the Family Law Act between same-sex couples and couples of different sexes.

It is important to consider the other aspects arising from de-facto relationships such as your estate planning and your superannuation benefit nominees. Our experienced estate planning department can assist you in the preparation of your will and estate plan and can also assist you with your enduring guardianship and powers of attorney.

Lastly, it is important to note that couples have two years from the date of separation to bring proceedings for a property settlement under the Family Law Act. It is important to meet with your lawyer as soon as possible in any event to resolve your dispute and to prevent your matter from nearing the two-year limit.