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Family Law

Family Law covers a vast array of issues and can affect families of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes a family law dispute means you will go to the Family Court, but this is not always the case.

Our lawyers specialise in litigation, but we also recognise that many people prefer to reach an agreement and avoid Court all together. There are many alternatives to Court. If you are looking a Sydney lawyer who will help you achieve what you want, and do things differently, we can help.

Some of the areas we have helped our clients with include: going to court, child custody, consent orders, domestic violence orders, property settlement, divorce, adoption, superannuation splitting, same sex separation, IVF agreements, child support agreements, binding financial agreements (also known as pre nups), spousal maintenance, sole occupation of the home, supervised contact, child inclusive process, mediation, collaboration, relocation, and much more!

Collaborative Law
Child Custody
Same Sex Relationships
Defacto Relationships
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Our core purpose is: ‘To help and empower people with compassion and innovation.’

Our goal is to change the way Family Law is practiced in Sydney, and Australia.

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