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Domestic Violence

We offer specialist advice to those suffering from family or domestic violence.

There are many legal and practical options available to protect you and your family. We will discuss with you the options available to you legally, within and outside of the Court system, as well as the practical options that you might like to think about if Court is not something that you think would be of assistance.

We can assist you with your associated family law issues.

Domestic violence and family violence in NSW

In NSW there are a number of providers and organisations with support services available to those who are experiencing family violence.  As a first port of call the NSW Government has set up a Domestic Violence line which is available 24 hours a day at 1800 656 463 

We advise that it is important that you take care when seeking assistance online from any of the service providers and ensure that you clear your internet browsing history following your visit to any of these websites to avoid bringing this to your partner’s attention.

In NSW there are a number of support services available to the victims of family violence.


Those in need of emergency accommodation can contact the 24 hour NSW Domestic Violence Line on 1800 656 463. This service will provide a referral to local services for you in your area.

There is an additional service known Link2Home, which can be reached on 1800 152 152.  The Link2Home service will provide you with a referral for specific specialist services catered to and cognizant of the needs of separating parties who have experienced family violence.

The Women’s Legal Service of New South Wales runs a Domestic Violence Legal Service by telephone on 02 8745 6999 which may be of use until you are able to attend our offices.

The Domestic Violence Crisis Service has a 24 hour crisis line on 02 6280 0900.