What is your Parenting Agreement for the Easter Break?

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For many, Easter is a time of religious significance and piety. For others, Easter is synonymous with chocolate eggs and fluffy bunny rabbits. However, with Easter, comes a long weekend and the Easter school holidays. For separated families – that can unfold a plethora of issues.

When discussing parenting arrangements post-separation, some parents come to an agreement about how the children will spend their weeks during school term, the school holidays, and special occasions such as Easter or Christmas.

However, sometimes certain issues can be overlooked including the fact that Easter occasionally overlaps with the school holidays.

Further, once an agreement is reached between themselves, a parent may change their mind down the track and want to have a different arrangement on different dates that the agreement does not provide for.

Our family lawyers at Farrar Gesini Dunn have can help assist parents in advising and drafting orders in respect to parenting matters and parenting plans to suit individual circumstances. We can draft orders or agreements with as much detail or as much flexibility as the parents require to ensure the agreement or orders are in the best interest of the child.

For separated parents who require detailed arrangements to avoid future conflict, we can draft clear and concise orders that resolve any “what if Easter falls during the school holidays?” or “what happens if Mother’s Day is on my weekend?” type questions; and many others that tend not to be at the forefront of parent’s minds when they are trying to work out their children’s living arrangements in the wake of a recent separation.


Arrangements by Consent

If the matter is going to be resolved by consent, then we can offer a fixed fee pricing structure.

Consent parenting orders can help you to avoid any unnecessary stress in the future, so you can focus on enjoying the time off with your children (and getting into those Easter eggs).


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Samantha Singer is the Marketing Manager for FGD, working out of the Sydney Office.

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