FGD Silver Sponsors for the Giant Steps Ball 2018

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On Saturday 16th June, family lawyers at FGD in Sydney frocked (and suited) up along with our eight lovely guests to attend the Giants Steps Annual Ball, of which FGD were silver sponsors! Proud moment indeed.

This year’s Ball was a Circus theme and Giant Steps went all out with aerial acrobats, mood lighting, a big band and room theming – it was definitely a site to see. Personally, I thought the hoola hoop fellow was phenomenal!

Each year, the Giants Steps school holds a Ball as a fundraiser. Giant Steps was established in 1995 for children and young adults with Autism.

Amazingly, this school does not charge fees, with parents donating and contributing what they can, which is why fundraisers like this are so important.

This year, the Ball was held at the International Convention Centre with Sydney’s Vivid lights on show surrounding the Centre and the charming Amanda Keller as the host of the Ball..

1,080 guests enjoyed a variety of performances and some even got on board with the theme, dressing in circus costumes! Guests at our table happily participated in the tombola raffle and silent auction, coming away with some pretty great pieces of art, special bottles of wine and champagne, and even a weekend away.

During the night, one of the mothers of a student of Giant Steps, Lisa Bremner, made a heartfelt speech about how Giant Steps’ family support program has helped not only her son, Ronan, but her entire family. We also enjoyed a beautiful film featuring the Giant Steps children and a beautifully choreographed dance which featured, if you can believe it, NRL players!

The Ball was an exemplary example of the importance of social responsibility and a brilliant display of  everything this wonderful organisation has to offer!

I have a firm belief that those in a position to help, should. I am proud to say that FGD share and encourage my ethos. As silver sponsors of the Ball, we gladly brought along our guests who had the opportunity to participate in a silent auction, a raffle with a car on offer and dance the night away after the performances and prize giveaways. Happily, I can report that this year’s ball raised over $430,000 – which is outstanding.

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Below is some further information about Giant Steps for those who, like me, did not know of its existence before being alerted to the Ball this year. I urge you to read up on Giant Steps, tell your friends and donate to this wonderful cause!

About Giant Steps

Located in Gladesville, the school aims to provide a rich and meaningful education to children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. All students, from K-12, access the Australian Curriculum and are offered the wide array of subjects and experiences that their mainstreams peers access. Autism specific supports and strategies, including therapy support, are layered onto the curriculum within the classroom setting, to ensure programs are engaging and motivating to students to enable them to be active learners. Giant Steps also aims to build a community around the families of their students, who often become isolated when their child is diagnosed with ASD.


Nora Michael is the associate director in the Sydney Office

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