Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Split

channing and jennaNews broke globally a few hours ago that has set the world spinning.


Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum are splitting after 8+ years of marriage.


So, what does this mean?

Is love dead? Is Channing secretly in love with one of his adoring fans?

Gosh I hope not – I’ve still got my hope resting with my two favourite celebrity couples:  Sarah Michelle Gellar / Freddie Prinze Junior and Chris Hemsworth / Elsa Pataky – Gold stars to these two couples.


However, it did mean that ‘Chan’ (as his friends, which should include me, refer to him) felt obliged to post a twitter update sharing the “truth” about his split, with the world. Poor Chan had to go public, in the most public of ways, just to ensure the media didn’t put its own take on his marriage breakdown and start releasing alternate truths.


According to his statement, Tatum and Dewan will continue to be co-parents to their daughter, Everly, who is almost five.


The positive co-parenting approach will be important to maintain going forward, as they put Everly’s best-interests first and work together to provide loving homes and continue to be supportive parents.


Everly only being aged 5 means that Chan and Jenna have a lifetime of decisions to make together ranging from education and medical to lifestyle related decisions such as, which primary school and high school she will attend, whether she should get braces, if she can travel before the age of 18 and if so, where to and for how long… the list goes on.


Imagine having a fight on your hands with each and every long term decision affecting each of your children? Sounds exhausting! Luckily, this celebrity pair are currently showing a lot of respect for one another and are conscious of the fact that they have a daughter together, whom they will both continue to raise. This is certainly the preferred approach for separating parents, whose child/children can be left behind in the midst of parenting battles.


In Australian Family Law, a child’s best interests are a paramount consideration and are defined by reference to the relevant legislation. While co-parenting is not a specific reference point within the legislation, the capacity of separated parents to communicate, negotiate and make decisions jointly about the care of their children is noted by a Judge hearing the case and is evident from the conduct of each parent.


It’s always sad to see a relationship breakdown, and though it is early days, hopefully Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan can continue to have a respectful and kind relationship towards one another as they go on with their separate lives.


In the meantime, let’s just replay Step Up,  watch their episode of Lip Sync Battle and remember the beautiful relationship these two had!


At the end of the day, there is more to the Tatums than a Hollywood romance. They shared something very special and brought another human into the world. The lesson here is that even if your relationship is ending, try and see the time together for what it is, and if possible, move forward in life with positive learnings and positive co-parenting.


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Samantha Singer is the marketing manager for Farrar Gesini Dunn, based in Sydney.

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