The Fine Art of Communication in Family Law

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When I said I was working for a Family Law Firm: how easily we misinterpret things.

I’m a recent addition to FGD and when I took the role, I had to do the usual initial explanations to my friends and family about who FGD are and […]

Family Law Cases and Reconciled Couples

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  • As seen in the Jewish Report October 2017

After listening to the radio the other day, I heard a segment about couples reconciling after being separated for several years. As a family lawyer, I often find this to be an interesting scenario. One of the […]

#DivorceSelfie – FGD & Collaborative Law

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Have you heard? #DivorceSelfies are the latest craze!

Whilst posting a #DivorceSelfie with your ex on Instagram is ‘trending’, the idea of remaining on amicable (even selfie) terms with your former partner isn’t anything new for us here at FGD.